Jessica Spiegel: Writer, Social Media Consultant, Gelato Enthusiast

I’m Jessica Spiegel, a freelance writer and social media/community manager based in Portland, Oregon.

My most recent background is in travel writing (I excel at making logistical planning details interesting to read as well as informative) and community management for online brands, and prior experience includes producing and editing legislative testimony, designing and writing volunteer newsletters for a national volunteer-based organization, and editing instructional manuals for legal continuing education seminars.

I’m available for community building/social media consulting, social media management, copy writing, blogging, and copy editing.

What I can offer:

  • I have a successful track record of building communities around online brands.
  • I’m adept at producing unique and relevant content in a timely manner.
  • I am extremely detail-oriented.
  • I have an understanding of SEO needs in content production.
  • I’m very easy to work with.

Additionally, I’ve a fondness for Italy, a soft spot for cities with bad reputations, and a love of public transportation. I will always travel for a great meal, and am far happier spending beaucoup bucks on food instead of trinkets. Oh, and if I never hear the “tourist vs. traveler” argument again, it’ll be too soon.

Find me on Twitter @andiamo and on LinkedIn, and read more about me here. Let’s talk – send me an email at jessica [at] jessicatravels [dot] com.

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