Amuse-Bouches from the Interwebz: July 10th through July 12th


Hello again, fair reader. If you missed the first installment of my “amuse-bouches,” lemme reiterate that it’ll be a semi-regular series on the blog. I share lots of the stuff I find interesting online on my Twitter account, most of which doesn’t get duplicated here, so to get the full picture you may want to follow me there as well. And if you don’t already subscribe to the blog, y’know you can do that – it’s over there —->, on the right margin.

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Okay, on with the goodies.

Here’s the latest list of stuff I found interesting on the interwebz, July 10th through July 12th:

  • Gelato museum to open in Italy
    In a country that already has museums dedicated to local delicacies like parmigiano-reggiano and prosciutto, it's frankly a little surprising that there isn't ALREADY a museum about gelato. So, better late than never, right? (via @freyasflorence on Twitter)
  • Authors say they found 100 new Caravaggio works in Italy
    Two Italian art historians say they've found about 100 "previously unknown sketches and paintings by Caravaggio" in the archives of a Milan artist. They'll be publishing their findings in a couple of ebooks on Amazon. Pretty amazing stuff, if their claims hold up. (via @revealedrome and @WalksofItaly on Twitter)
  • Traveler vs Tourist? Pull the other one.
    Honestly, wouldn't it have just been easier to copy and paste the same definitions for each pair of supposedly different terms? Methinks yes.
  • Changes in TSA Patdowns Would Improve Image
    So, hang on… Someone got up in front of the US House of Representatives to deliver this chestnut?

    "If TSA can significantly reduce adverse experiences, the agency’s overall credibility as a bulwark of post 9/11 homeland security will go up markedly."

    Umm, y'think?

    Also, shouldn't "doing one's job properly" sort of be the same thing as "not creating adverse experiences?" Meaning that revolutionary finding could be re-worded to say "If the TSA would DO ITS JOB WELL, its credibility would go up." Yes? No? Sheesh.

    I love this take on the "keep calm & carry on" thing. I just wish I was actually, y'know, ITALIAN.
  • ‘Hidden’ airline charges: Dirty tricks or customer choice?
    This is an interesting vantage point in the question of airline fees – and I agree that some of them can (and do) save (some) travelers money. I think it's kind of ludicrous, however, to say that we're being saved oodles of money by going carry-on only when there's no longer enough overhead bin space for everyone's roller-bags – AND the airplane has a bunch of room ON THE VERY SAME PLANE in the cargo hold that's unused if we don't check bags. And don't even get me started on those assholian airlines charging for carry-on bags… *grumble*
  • 8 Stunning One-Color Towns Around the World
    These towns are cool-looking, I'll totally give you that. But there's an overabundance of blue towns, not to mention all the zillions of white towns not featured on this list. What I'm seeing? A niche waiting to be filled. WHO'S WITH ME ON CREATING AN ORANGE TOWN? Or purple? Maybe lime green? Anyone? (via @matthiasrascher on Twitter)
  • Italian Summer Fix
    I love this photo essay of what Italian summers are like… Che bella!
  • Q: Why Do We Wear Pants? A: Horses
    This? This is kind of fascinating. (via @legalnomads on Twitter)
  • How A Student Designed The Recycling Logo, And Got A Measly $2,500
    An interesting thought, from this article: "you may become most well known for the work by which you’d prefer not to define your career." What, in that sense, might define YOU that you wouldn't appreciate? And can you do something about it now to change it?

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