Amuse-Bouches from the Interwebz: June 27th through July 7th


With this post, I’m starting a new series in which I’ll share some of the things I’ve found interesting, enlightening, odd, or funny on these here inter-tubes. They’re tidbits. Morsels. So I’m calling them “amuse-bouches.” Because I can’t spell hors d’oeuvres without copying and pasting it from the dictionary.

Bon appetit.

Here’s the latest list of stuff I found interesting on the interwebz, June 27th through July 7th:

  • How I Learned to Be Creative
    Loved this line – "90% of being creative is about trying, especially if you're doing it for personal fulfillment instead of salary."
  • A Very Good Argument For Working From Home
    I've worked at home for years now, so I'm biased, but the numbers in this article – about using less gas, saving money, & (shock) being a happier employee – are hard to argue with. I especially appreciate the idea of a "results-focused" job, rather than one where you're punching a clock.
  • The Fall of the Creative Class
    From this (very interesting) article: "…it may be wiser to try to create the place you want to live, rather than to keep trying to find it."
  • Spike: Real Keyboards in Protective Cases for the iPhone
    If you're the kind of iPhone user I am, you'd really rather have a fracking keyboard on the damned thing than be force to type on a screen that doesn't feel any different whether you hit the right or wrong key. Enter the Spike iPhone cases with a built-in keyboard. I'm in love with this idea. It's a Kickstarter project, so if you love it, too, you can even pledge money to help them get going.
  • Quote of the Day (6/22/2012)
    This happened in June, but I just re-found my note to tell you guys about it. So, yeah. Better late than never. Here's the quote The Daily What pulled from the NY Times article:

    "For most Europeans, almost nothing is more prized than their four to six weeks of guaranteed annual vacation leave. But it was not clear just how sacrosanct that time off was until Thursday, when Europe’s highest court ruled that workers who happened to get sick on vacation were legally entitled to take another vacation."

    Oh, Europe. You're ADORABLE.

  • Roman and Celtic coin hoard worth up to £10m found in Jersey
    I'll admit that when I first read this title, I thought "Roman coins in NEW JERSEY? How weird!" Whatever. I was tired. The point is that this is an enormous cache of Iron Age coins – one of Europe's largest ever discovered – and that's really cool, even if it's not all the way across the Atlantic Ocean. (via @matthiasrascher on Twitter)
  • Afternoon Snack: Pizza Slices Encased in Lucite
    Lord knows I loves me some pizza, but this… Just… No.
  • Tourists stealing cobblestones and mosaic from ancient Rome
    Okay, three things.

    1. I think, technically, they're stealing ancient Roman tidbits from modern-day Rome. To steal from ancient Rome would require a feat of time travel that, to my knowledge, we haven't quite achieved yet (or I would have totally taken advantage of it by now to tell my 19-year-old self that taking a few computer science classes in college would be a grand idea).

    2. The superintendent of culture for Rome city council has the last name of "Broccoli." Yes, I giggled at that. Yes, I am seven.

    3. I can't believe this needs to be said, but – ahem – STOP FUCKING STEALING ANCIENT ROMAN ARTIFACTS, ASSHOLES.

photo by Philippe Put

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