Amuse-Bouches [Links I Love]: August 15 – August 21


Here’s the latest list of stuff I found interesting on the interwebz, August 15 through August 21:

  • And Now, Without Further Ado, We Present the Hendricks Gin & Tonic Sorbet
    Hot damn. I'm so excited about making this – probably about ten minutes after I hit "save" on this link…

    (via fellow gin enthusiast @ehalvey on Twitter)

  • Warning Signs That You May Have a Dangerous Addiction to Fonts
    These are all fun (and yeah, I'm guilty as charged), but this is probably my favorite:

    "You’re concerned that all the attention devoted to mocking Comic Sans is distracting from the dangerously increasing prevalence of Papyrus."

    (via @Pharaonick on Twitter)

  • Bossy Advice on Writing Well
    Dunno 'bout you, but I like Pam's bossy advice. In fact, I seek it out. And really? I think more bloggers should. Yeah, the barriers to being a writer are wonderfully low these days, which means more of us can clack away at keyboards with the hope that someone besides Mom will read it, but that doesn't mean we should (as one post I saw recently suggested) "forget what we learned in English class."
  • Aurora Jungle-Juice
    First my friend Erin tells me about a recipe for G&T; sorbet (which is awesome, by the way). Then she sends me this link for a gin-based cocktail that glows like the Northern Lights when you shine a blacklight on it. Which means, of course, I NEED A BLACKLIGHT.
  • Photocircle gives tourists a new way to help the needy
    This is such a fabulous – and simple – idea. Travelers who snap great photos as they explore the world can now upload them to this new site and, through selling the images, help needy people in the places where the photos are taken.
  • The Internet Is Hard. I Have Fucked Up On It A Lot. Here Is An Instruction Manual.
    You can agree or disagree with different parts of this list (I do), but you kind of can't disagree with this:

    "Editors are like commenters, in that their job is to tell you what is wrong or right with your piece. Unlike many commenters, however, they’re actually happier when you don’t look like a stupid asshole."

    As the author points out, writers who have editors are very lucky. My addition is this – writers who don't think they NEED editors are very silly.

    (via @c_johnston on Twitter)

  • Miss Italy Competition Bans Bikinis and Cosmetic Surgery
    The Miss Italy competition is banning bikinis & cosmetic surgery? That's kind of shocking. It's ITALY, after all. Shocking, but interesting. And Gandhi's granddaughter is one of the judges of the final? Seriously, what parallel universe am I in?

    For the record, the bit about banning tattoos? THAT IS MOST CERTAINLY NOT COOL.

    (Also, please note the reaction by Berlusconi's brother's newspaper, which gives a refreshingly frank accounting of the purpose of pageants like this anyway, calling women's asses "men's dreams." Hey, at least they’re being honest.)

  • Where Do Sentences Come From?
    Rather than being a philosophical exploration of where sentences come from, this article contains what I think is a good mental writing exercise – and it's one I've unconsciously engaged in countless times while walking around in an unfamiliar place, putting words together in my head. This article also contains a quote I think is really brilliant, and absolutely not tied to just writing:

    "Whenever you find an unasked question you've also found an assumption."

    I love that. And I have a new affection for unasked questions.

    (via @umarket on Twitter)

  • Long-lost Ted Hughes poem focuses on Sylvia Plath’s suicide
    When I read "The Bell Jar" as a teenager, I remember feeling angry at Ted Hughes for somehow aiding in (if not causing) Sylvia Plath's depression. I can't remember what about the book made me think that then, but reading this poem now makes my heart ache for a man who had just lost his wife. As with everything, there are two sides to this story, and clearly one of them hadn't been told for a long while.

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