Amuse-Bouches [Links I Love]: August 2 – August 7


Here’s the latest list of stuff I found interesting on the interwebz, August 2 through August 7:

  • Discovering Finnish Accordion Wrestling
    There is nothing about the words "Finnish," "accordion," and "wrestling" that go together. Nothing. And yet? This is a real thing. I promise you, you'll want to look at the photos in this post.
    If you, like me, watched the NASA feed of the Mars Curiosity landing on Mars, then you, like me, were intrigued by the dude at mission control with a mohawk. Turns out you and I weren't the only ones who noticed Bobak Ferdowsi, flight director on the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity mission. His Twitter account, discovered as Curiosity hurdled toward Mars, went from something like 200 followers to over 11,000 in less than two hours nearly 38,000 as I’m hitting publish, and a friend of mine created this Tumblr dedicated to him. This? This is what I love about the internet, y'all.
  • 50 reasons it’s great to be a tourist
    As someone who vehemently loathes the "tourist vs. traveler" argument, I completely adore this list. Also? I still want a shirt that says "I AM A TOURIST" across the front.

    (via @TravelMuse on Twitter)

  • Twitter Knows When You’ll Get Sick Before You Do
    I find this almost equal parts awesome & creepy as all get out.
  • Italy rules ‘no balls’ insult for men is a crime
    From the article:

    "Italy’s highest court ruled that telling a man he has “no balls” as an insult is a crime punishable with a fine because it hurts male pride."

    I wish I could say this was surprising, but… It's just not. This is Italy we're talking about, an exceptionally chauvinistic and superstitious country. The most outrageous part of this article is the last line:

    "The ruling, which comes after years of legal dispute, did not specify whether any insults against women should now also be considered crimes."

    Umm, yeah. Don't hold your breath on that one.

    (via @leifpettersen on Twitter)

    (suppressing a giggle)


    This is totally un-PC, and I'm not going to install the extension, but… Yeah. Funny stuff.

    (via @CoTravelGirl on Twitter)

  • How to make coffee with a Napoletana pot
    I've seen these coffee makers before, but never in use – and I could never figure out how they worked. This step-by-step tutorial helps with the second part, but reading that it takes at least twice as long as my (beloved) mokapot, I'm not so sure I'd have the patience to use a Napoletana every morning!
  • Does Having Children Make You a Better Writer?
    I purposely avoided reading the article this post eviscerates, because the subtitle – "Does a female novelist need to have experienced childhood to truly understand human emotions?" – was so annoying I knew the article would just raise my blood pressure. Thankfully, this blogger DID read the article, and she's channeled her frustration in a much more articulate way than I would have. WELL DONE.

    (via @profsivek on Twitter)

  • Not Senseless, Not Random: The Deadly Mix of Race, Guns and Madness
    So many things to quote from this article… In particular:

    "I implore of my white friends, when your nutty uncle or classmate goes off about some set of foreigners, you must make a fuss, cause a family crisis, become unpopular, speak up. We cannot do this for you."

    I'm ready, willing, & able. Are you?

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