Amuse-Bouches [Links I Love]: August 25 – September 12


Here’s the latest list of stuff I found interesting on the interwebz, August 25 through September 12:

  • Pro-USA Rally in Benghazi
    The news of Libya Ambassador Christopher Stephens' death was so tragic, and yet it was tinged with the fear of what would happen next. I dearly hope the reactionary people in the US who think (wrongly) that this is yet another example of why Islam is bad see this side of Libya, too. These pictures are beautiful and heartbreaking. If you can't see how deeply hurt these Libyans are by what a tiny group of thugs did in their country – TO their country – then you're blind.

    (via @c_bright & @agiamba on Twitter)

  • Competing with Astronauts
    In which my friend Pam reminds us travel bloggers that "our presence is not enough. We’re not Shackleton or Armstrong, so we need to work a lot harder to make our readers care." Beautiful essay on writing, on going beyond what's expected, and – yes – on Neil Armstrong, too.
  • Get Cultured: A Guide to Lecce, a Gem in Southern Italy
    This fill-in-the-blank style interview with a chef and owner of a cooking school in Lecce paints such a glorious picture of Southern Italy… How could anyone read this and NOT want to go? RIGHT NOW?
  • Venice on Silence And Three Euro a Day
    I write (and talk) about Venice often, partly because although it's one of my favorite places on earth, I still struggle with describing it accurately and completely. So when I read well-written essays about Venice, even if they only capture one element of the city, I rejoice in having found yet another aspect to add to the pantheon of descriptive phrases I already use.

    This is one of those essays.

    (via @lonlygrllauren on Twitter)

  • Colorful pigeons amongst a flock of grey at the Venice Biennale
    Okay, aside from the fact that I'm uncomfortable with what seems like potential mistreatment of animals here, the saying "lipstick on a pig" comes to mind, too. Sure, the bursts of color would liven up a flock of gray birds, but that won't change the destructive impact of those birds on the city of Venice.

    (via @MissExpatria on Twitter)

  • Steven Pinker Explains the Neuroscience of Swearing (NSFW)
    I quite like using foul language. I don't feel the need to censor myself generally, because I'm aware enough of what's coming out of my mouth to not swear in front of children or people I don't really know. Having said that, I appreciated the point near the end of this piece that although swearing should probably not be as taboo as it currently is, it should still be used judiciously so as to not lose its powerful impact.

    (Rather than watching these videos, I actually read the transcript – but given the text, I can only imagine how great the videos would be.)

    (via @brainpicker on Twitter)

  • How to separate eggs with a plastic bottle
    Okay, it's not as if separating the yolk from the white is all that difficult in the first place… But this method using a plastic water bottle? It kind of makes you want to bake something just so you can separate eggs, doesn't it?

    (via @JackieBaisa on Twitter)

2 thoughts on “Amuse-Bouches [Links I Love]: August 25 – September 12

  1. 2 things:

    -Pam’s post is one of the most brilliant things that she has written.
    -Can’t wait to read the post on swearing.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. I just loved Pam’s piece. Loved it. It made me more saddened by Armstrong’s death than I had been previously, that line about “I wonder if he’s up there now.” Oh, man, I get choked up at that line.

      And that swearing thing? I read the translation rather than watching the videos, but it’s both more funny and more fascinating than you might expect. 🙂

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