Amuse-Bouches [Links I Love]: February 22 – March 3


Here’s the latest list of stuff I found interesting on the interwebz, February 22 through March 3:

  • Everything you need to know about leaving for Italy tomorrow
    An email arrived on Friday from Paul Brady, who said he needed some last-minute advice for an upcoming Italy trip. How last minute? He was leaving the following day. So, we traded emails for a few hours and he published the resulting "interview" on his blog.

    The only bad news here is that now I'm the one dreaming of wandering the Oltrarno in Florence in search of another gelateria.

    I hope Paul's having fun.

  • Horse meat faces ban in Italy
    In light of the recent revelations that horsemeat was found across Europe in packages that were supposed to contain beef, it's easy to forget that many people intentionally eat horsemeat. Italians eat more horsemeat than any other Europeans, and now they may face a horsemeat ban. That hardly seems like an appropriate outcome for people who knowingly eat it, does it?
  • Italian Election Results in Split Between Center Left and Berlusconi
    The good news? Berlusconi didn't win. The bad news? No one else did, either.

    Lack of definitive control by one party means "a stable government in Italy looks unlikely," which – as this article points out – could be "devastating" for Europe.

    (via @arttrav on Twitter)

  • What Will Happen To All The Letters People Sent to Newtown?
    The town is struggling to figure out what to do with all the cards, letters, & gifts people have sent from all over the world.
  • Venice wants to stop Gondoliers who are fleecing tourists
    So it took some of Venice's gondoliers getting caught on film charging exorbitant rates for gondola rides, but the outcome appears to be an Italian consumer group calling for gondoliers who do this to be stripped of their licenses.

    (via @Pam_Barksdale on Twitter)

  • The Cat-Hater’s Handbook: A Subversive Vintage Gem Illustrated by Tomi Ungerer
    "The Cat-Hater's Handbook" turns out to be a delightful collection of cat quotes, poetry, and prose – along with the fabulous Ungerer illustrations – that just reinforce how captivating cats are.

    One quote gets at something all cat lovers will acknowledge – that cats are "probably the least useful of domestic animals."

    Yep. And we still love them.

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