Amuse-Bouches [Links I Love]: February 8 – February 19


Here’s the latest list of stuff I found interesting on the interwebz, February 8 through February 19:

  • So you’re feeling too fat to be photographed…
    When I saw the title of this blog post on a friend's Facebook feed, I knew I had to read it. And I'm incredibly glad I did.

    It's an awesome bit of tough-love advice on something that's become a huge challenge for me. I wish I could take this advice – this wonderful, honest advice – to heart, and I try, but it's hard. If you can relate to this title even half as much as I do – and it applies to any flaw you see in yourself, whether it's your skin or smile or hair or whatever – then I urge you to stop what you're doing and read this post.

    And have a tissue handy. Seriously.

  • Once, I Traveled Alone.
    My friend Pam contributes in her unique way to the discussion about Sarai Sierra's death with a poetic look at some of the things she's experienced by traveling alone – and by not being afraid.
  • Lovely Shetland Ponies Dressed in Sweaters to Promote Scotland
    Honestly, as if I needed another reason to adore Scotland…

    (You must click through to see all the photos. YOU MUST.)

  • Cow Farming Activities on the Former West
    Omilordygod… Choose Your Own Adventure-style books translated (kind of poorly) from Soviet-era Russian into English?


    (via @c_bright on Twitter)

  • Is tweeting writing?
    I was a writer before there was Twitter, but I've come to really love the challenge of storytelling in 140 characters. I think writers can do amazing things on Twitter – and many do.
  • How to Work in Travel
    Anyone who's interested in working in the travel business, this ebook is an excellent resource – it's crammed with information on all kinds of aspects of working in travel, including plenty of jobs you may not have thought of. (It's not all about travel agents and flight attendants!)

    It's written by a very smart friend of mine, who gave me a copy to review (that's why you see my face at the bottom of the page) – and I wouldn't have said nice things about it if it wasn't a seriously great resource.

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