Amuse-Bouches [Links I Love]: January 18 – February 7


Here’s the latest list of stuff I found interesting on the interwebz, January 18 through February 7:

  • Women’s solo travel under scrutiny after vacationer’s killing in Turkey
    So, lemme see if I get this, commenters on the NBC story… A woman who was traveling solo in Turkey was murdered by an (as-yet) unknown assailant, and somehow it's HER fault because she was "foolish" enough to travel by herself?


    I can't wait to hear what my solo traveler phenom of a mom has to say when she reads this one. I'll wager it's roughly the same sentiment that I'm thinking right now, only hers is probably less profanity-infused.

    (via @JohnnyJet on Twitter)

  • Revisiting the Solo Female Travel Experience
    When I think about the comments on that NBC story on why women shouldn't travel alone, I get pretty sweary. Which is why I'm so glad there are people like my friend Jodi to write a response piece that's articulate, addresses the real problem (violence against women, NOT women traveling solo), offers practical safety tips that any solo traveler (male or female) can use, and does it all without launching into expletives. Well done, Jodi.

    Now, if only as many people were reading and absorbing THIS kind of post as read and (stupidly) reacted to the NBC story, we might be getting somewhere.

  • Richard III dig: DNA confirms bones are king’s
    Hey, what's that underneath that parking lot in Leicester? Oh, just the bones of 15th century King Richard III. NO BIG DEAL. You really don't have to be an archaeology or history geek to think this is really cool.
  • Why Newtown victim Noah Pozner had an open coffin
    Noah Pozner's mother couldn't gloss over the brutality of what had been done to her son, and she didn't want anyone else to gloss over it, either. I can't even fathom how devastating this must have been for her and her family. I'm amazed by her fortitude, and her belief that something must change because of this.
  • Social media is a giant scam
    From this post:

    "If you’re using social media to bully companies and brands to get VIP treatment or to blame them for your personal fuck ups, at least be honest about it. You are an arrogant, entitled scumbag. Stop claiming you’re a voice for the downtrodden, fighting in the name of fairness. You’re an asshole, plain and simple. And people like you have turned the entire world of social media into a giant scam."

    Okay, I don't think the ENTIRE world of social media is now a giant scam, but I do think the social media bullies referenced above are certainly not doing social media (or anyone with whom they come into contact) any favors. Really, it should be as simple as this – don't be an asshole, online or off. Why is that so hard?

    (via @c_bright on Twitter)

  • Handmade with a little digital help… Italy’s new artisans
    This month's Italy Roundtable theme is HANDMADE. Alexandra's telling us all about Italy's digital artisans – and I love the USB ring that's featured!
  • Italy Roundtable: Umbria’s New Brews
    Belly up to the bar with Rebecca this month, who's introducing us to Umbria's craft breweries.
  • Nonna Ivetta’s traditional cantuccini
    Take a walk down memory lane with Gloria to savor her grandmother's handmade cantuccini. (They look delicious, don't they?)
  • Honoring ‘Our Will To Live’: The Lost Music Of The Holocaust
    Fascinating. An Italian pianist & music teacher has spent decades searching for music written in the concentration, labor, and POW camps of World War II.
  • ‘Anti-Loneliness’ Ramen Bowl Holds Phones to Keep Solo Diners Company
    I'm on a ridiculous pho kick the last several months, where I crave it pretty much daily. There's an excellent Vietnamese place near my house that I go to frequently at lunch (I'm the Foursquare mayor there, y'all), & because I go alone I always bring a magazine.

    This "anti-loneliness" bowl is clearly the solution. (Although it also clearly needs some kind of splash guard.)

    (via @melanierenzulli on Twitter)

  • Ten Things NOT to Do in Italy
    Spot-on tips here, delivered with humor. WELL DONE.

    (via @mikeachim on Twitter)

  • Nigella Lawson Forbade ABC from Airbrushing Tummy
    I already freaking loved Nigella Lawson. And now I have yet another reason for my affections – she wouldn't allow ABC to airbrush her curvy figure flat for a billboard promoting the new show she's on. "That tum is the truth and is come by honestly," she says. LOVE. HER.

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