Amuse-Bouches [Links I Love]: March 14 – April 7


Here’s the latest list of stuff I found interesting on the interwebz, March 14 through April 7:

  • The Sexy Lie We’ve Been Telling Ourselves
    Caroline Heldman, chair of the Politics department at Occidental, sheds light on the lie that sexual objectification can be empowering. I think of myself as pretty aware of this stuff, & I realized I still do MANY of the things she talks about. It's humbling. And sad.

    If you have time for ONLY ONE VIDEO today, make it this one.

    All of you. Men & women. Really.

  • NPR Pulled a Brilliant April Fools’ Prank On People Who Don’t Read
    "The real question isn't why we don't read anymore, it's why we comment—passionately and with the utmost confidence—after reading only a headline."
  • Serious reading takes a hit from online scanning and skimming, researchers say
    (And in more reading news…)

    Researchers say there are actual brain changes taking place when we read so much online – changes that make it much more difficult for us to then read OFFLINE.

    Fascinating (if not all that surprising).

  • A Theme Park For Foodies? Italians Say Bologna
    The guy behind the Eataly stores is making plans to open a "food theme park" in Bologna in late 2015. I don't even know what a "food theme park" is (isn't that Eataly??!?), but I'm intrigued. Because, DUH.
  • Venice flood barriers pass first test
    "Barriers designed to protect the Italian city of Venice from flooding during high tides have been successfully tested for the first time."

    And this? This is my super serious happy for the day. No, the week. Month? Year? Really, it's very good news.

  • I bought 1000 Twitter followers for $20 and it sucked
    Every time I hear about people buying followers on social media I get ornery, so I was really glad to read my friend Celeste's honest account of what can happen when you do actually push the "buy" button.

    Spoiler alert: Those supposedly "real" followers you're paying for? Are not real. And they will unfollow you. Leaving you with the same number of followers you had before, & less cash in your bank account.

  • World Airports Voronoi
    "Each region consists of the points that are closer to a particular airport than any other. This partitioning of the sphere is called a spherical Voronoi diagram." This interactive globe (click & drag to move the planet around) is so weirdly cool.

    via @grantkmartin on Twitter

  • Sir Ian McKellen & Sir Patrick Stewart Act Like NYC Tourists
    These guys are THE MOST ADORABLE. In the history of EVER.

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