Amuse-Bouches [Links I Love]: November 11 – November 20


Here’s the latest list of stuff I found interesting on the interwebz, November 11 through November 16:

  • With A Single Tweet, President Obama Revealed How To Become A Powerful Social Brand
    There's so much I want to quote from this article, but this part is resonating with me most of all right now:

    "Too many brands treat social media as a one way, broadcast channels, rather than a two-way dialogue through which emotional storytelling can be transferred."

    Really, just go read the whole article. It's excellent.

  • Failing Versus Quitting (Or, “Your Lack Of Confidence Is Neither Interesting Nor Unique”)
    Some tough love & sweary advice for writers from Chuck Wendig, including:

    "Failure is necessary. Failure is brave. But quitting is not the same as failing."

  • Milan cathedral puts spires up for adoption
    In an effort to raise money for cathedral upkeep, officials at the Milan Duomo have started putting the cathedral's gargoyles up for adoption. Patrons can get their names carved on one of the Duomo's many spires for a mere 100,000 euro.

    (via @ItalianNotes on Twitter)

  • 16 Things to Know Before You Go to Sicily
    The Roads & Kingdoms guys floored me with their honest & beautiful portrayal of Palermo, but for some reason I didn't immediately go digging through the site for the rest of their Sicily pieces. After having read this lovely & insightful list of things to know about Sicily, I'm realizing I should commence digging ASAP.
  • Public art and the Piazza – Paladino in Santa Croce
    This month at the Italy Roundtable, we tackled the topic of "THE PIAZZA" – which is so much more than just an opening between buildings. Alexandra wrote about one Florentine piazza becoming a public art gallery for a pretty interesting piece of artwork. (Really, it was meant to be climbed and drawn on!)
  • Why children should be allowed to work at Sagre
    Gloria has artfully combined last month's Italy Roundtable topic (children) with this month's (the piazza) with the opening phrase, "Because a 'piazza' with no youth is like a body with no heart."
  • The Piazza: Be There and Be in the Square
    I can always count on Rebecca to deliver some Umbria-specific angle on the Italy Roundtable to remind me, yet again, that I still haven't been to her adopted region. In this post, she's highlighting her five favorite piazzas in Umbria. And now I have five more reasons to feel a deep longing for a place I've never been.
  • Take Walks – All Over Italy
    My friends at Walks of Italy are big proponents of walking whenever they travel, & I agree – it's my favorite way to explore a new place. They made this video by walking all over Italy & sent out an email announcing a 10% discount on all their services (booked now through May 1, 2013) with the coupon code TAKEWALKSVID. You can browse their array of walking tours on their site, – & tell 'em I said hello.
  • Venice Under Water
    These are incredible pictures of the recent flooding in Venice, which is experiencing some of its highest "acqua alta" levels in years. I'm struck both by the smiles on many faces – Venetians are accustomed to this, and don't let it keep them from going about their daily lives – as well as the people who are swimming in St. Mark's Square. Yes, swimming. I love the crazy pictures, but I can't help but think HOLY CRAP IT'S NOVEMBER, ISN'T THAT WATER FREEZING?!?
  • Venice’s Acqua Alta: A Survival Guide
    This is an excellent collection of information tidbits on Venice's regular flooding, "survival tips" if you happen to be visiting during the "acqua alta," & even ways to help.

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