Amuse-Bouches [Links I Love]: November 21 – December 6


Here’s the latest list of stuff I found interesting on the interwebz, November 29 through December 6:

  • Johnny Cash Has Been Everywhere (Man)!
    So, as you'll see from this UTTERLY DELIGHTFUL audio map, Johnny Cash did not actually go EVERYWHERE. He got around, though.

    (via @reidontravel on Twitter)

  • PBS Remixes ‘Reading Rainbow,’ Delights Map And Book Nerds Everywhere
    I do not like auto-tune one bit, but I was giddy hearing the likes of Reading Rainbow, Mr. Rogers, and Julia Child remixed using auto-tune.


  • Atheists Need Their Own Christmas
    (Totally giggling while reading this…)

    Happy Icy Hullabaloo, everyone!

  • Monti government at risk after Berlusconi withdraws support
    Okay, Italy, hold the phone.

    Berlusconi supporters walked out of the Senate in a protest against an Italian government official criticizing Berlusconi, and his party has now withdrawn support for the current prime minister's coalition, which may spur new elections sooner than the April elections currently planned.

    This is, mind you, the same Berlusconi who was JUST found guilty of tax fraud and sentenced to jail time in, like, October. So he probably wasn't going to serve any time – fine. Whatever. It's Italy, that's not surprising. But now his party is threatening the current government and he's talking about running again?

    Italy, really. WHAT. THE. FUCK. Even if it's not surprising, it's still irritating. I hope there's a public outcry and Silvio's stupid sycophants get shouted down, but I'll admit that I'm not optimistic.

    Please, Italy, prove me wrong.

    12/8 UPDATE: In the wake of all this, Italy’s PM now says he’ll resign after the budget is approved next week. New elections must then happen within 70 days. Please, please, please, Italy – do not let Berlusconi take the reins again. PLEASE.

  • Rome mayor steps in to rescue cat colony
    I was sad to hear that the sanctuary for stray cats at the Torre Argentina ruins in central Rome was facing eviction, but it sounds like Rome's mayor is on the side of the cats. That's a huge relief.
  • The Argument Against Pound-Foolish Travel
    This is an excellent piece on the danger of crossing the line "from frugal traveler to irrational cheapskate." Yes, there are good reasons to be a bargain-hunter when traveling – and there are also times when saving money just because you can is kind of stupid.
  • The way to unite the world is through travel: An interview with Andrew McCarthy
    In which he says that it's not a lack of money that keeps people (especially Americans) from traveling – it's fear. I tend to agree with him.
  • To dungeons deep and caverns old: The Hobbit is reborn.
    I am such an LOTR geek. I must have these.
  • Chill Your Cocktails With Boozy Cubes
    Genius. Freeze Manhattan ingredients in ice cubes, drop said cube into a glass of bourbon, and VOILA. Instant cocktail that just gets better as you sip. GENIUS, I SAY.

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