Amuse-Bouches [Links I Love]: September 28 – October 2


Here’s the latest list of stuff I found interesting on the interwebz, September 28 through October 2:

  • How ampersand came from a misunderstanding
    I'm an unabashed lover of fonts, but if I'm pressed I'll tell you that it's almost entirely about the ampersand. I'll judge an otherwise lovely font unacceptable if the ampersand is only mediocre. Which is why I'm fawning over this history of both the symbol and its strange name. This? This article is like porn for my inner ampersand enthusiast.

    (via @nomadpdx on Twitter)

  • The Soul of a City
    I am not even close to kidding, I smiled my way through this entire beautifully-written affectionate portrait of Palermo. It made me want to move there tomorrow.

    (As an added bonus, the Duchess of Palma who's quoted near the end of the essay is the woman from whom I rented the apartment at Via Butera 28 when I was there a couple years ago. She's a pint-sized force of nature, and I'd love to be back in Palermo following her through the market again.)

  • Avon Celli e L’Eroica
    The husband is in Italy this week, where he'll ride in a vintage bike event called L'Eroica on Sunday. Everything has to be pre-1989 – bikes, gear, clothing – so with the right camera filter, it looks like you're stepping back in time.

    This video captures some of what the event must look like, which makes me sad I'm not there to see it firsthand, but I can't wait to see his pictures and hear his stories of it afterward.

  • Revising 1492
    While in Girona recently for TBEX, my friend Pam & I went to the town's Jewish History Museum. I'm happy there's such a museum in Girona, & I'm happy that I went to see it, but Pam & I were both a little irritated with some of the (mis-)characterizations of Spanish history…
  • Bologna’s new ice-cream museum charts history of the Italian treat
    The fact that a new museum of ice cream has opened anywhere in the world gives me immense joy. The added bonus that it opened IN ITALY means I'm fighting an urge to hop on a plane right now.

    Note to self? You'll be visiting the gelato museum in Bologna on your next Italy trip. Oh, yes you will.

    (via @PortlandBologna on Twitter)

  • Catching the Gist
    This is a sweet essay on communicating when you don't have a common language, & it's also reinforcement of my constant refrain – Italy & Italians are awesome.

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