photo by Kenneth Barton - June 2014

Anthem After a Downpour

photo by Kenneth Barton - June 2014

photo by Kenneth Barton – June 2014

Earlier this month, I had a chance to sing a song I’ve known by heart since I was a kid. I’ve performed it more times than I can remember, but never by myself.

And, as any singer will tell you, “The Star Spangled Banner” can be a bitch of a song to get right.

I’m proud to report that my first solo rendition of the US national anthem went swimmingly, despite the fact that I’d had almost no voice five days before. I’m also going to downplay how few people were left in the grandstands by the time I sang late in the afternoon, blaming it on the epic downpour that left the race track with so much standing water that an earlier race was cancelled. The torrential rain ended before I had to sing, thankfully.

I think my dad would have been really proud to stand in the rain and watch his little girl sing that song, on Father’s Day, in his adopted country.

Now, we’ll just see if I can find someone in the Timbers organization to whom I can forward this video.

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