Happy About Nothing

I'm 45. I'm happy about nothing. And that's exactly what I want.

25th Feb
45 || creative commons photo by Seth Tisue

Forty-four. Fancy, that.

TweetEvery year for the past few I have written a blog post...

25th Feb
44 || creative commons photo by Jesus Solana

A Note from Tallulah Underfoot

TweetI drove back to Animal Aid this morning to drop Tallulah off....

24th Feb

Building My Own Fire

It's taken me a long time, but I can now build my own fires.

20th Oct
creative commons photo by Matthias Ripp

Dear Guy Who Called Out to Me During My Morning Walk

TweetDear Guy Who Called Out to Me During My Morning Walk: I...

27th Jul
creative commons photo by William W. Ward

No Birthday Surprise Required

TweetA few years ago, I wrote some birthday resolutions just before I...

25th Feb
43 || creative commons photo by Andy Maguire