Sunset Descent


There is no shortage of the number of times I’ve driven home from Portland airport and sighed at the beauty of the city, thankful (once again) to be back in a place I love so dearly. On my recent flight back into PDX after a week spent in Spain, however, I didn’t even have to wait for the drive home to get misty-eyed at the beauty of this place I call home.

That’s the view from the plane as we zeroed in on Portland, with no filter on the shot taken on my iPhone. It was insanely gorgeous, and that picture doesn’t even begin to capture it. The view was mesmerizing.

I am extremely fortunate to live in a place that I love. Thank you, Portland.

Portland Food Carts: They’re dog-friendly, too.


Last month my friend Mary-Alice who runs the blog Dog Jaunt asked me to write a post about Portland’s famous food carts, since that’s automatically dog-friendly dining right there. I was more than happy to oblige.

I don’t even think Mary-Alice knows this, but I’ve been using that very post as a resource ever since I wrote it, sending it to friends visiting Portland so they can pick which food cart pod they want to try, and referring to it myself when the husband & I wanted to expand our pod horizons.

I’m not going to re-publish the whole thing here – that would be silly – but I will tell you it’s easy to find (psst – click on the link below), & not just for people in Portland with dogs.

>> Portland, OR: The best food cart pods for diners with dogs

photo of the dog at the D-Street Noshery by me; please don’t use it without permission

Food Cart Outing: D-Street Noshery


The husband & I often eat late on weekends, but when he suggested we go visit a food cart pod at 3pm yesterday that was late even by our standards. Still, it meant we wouldn’t need to eat dinner, so why not?

Here’s a little tour of our first visit to D-Street Noshery, on SE Division across from Pok Pok. (Yes, it was incredibly strange to be so close to perhaps my favorite restaurant in the entire city and not go inside. I think I heard Ike’s wings calling to me.)

First course – “The Pig Cone” from Awesome Cone. Spicy & sweet porky goodness in a waffle cone, topped by cool & crisp coleslaw. Delicious start.



There are not enough happy words to describe how I feel about this…

As if the song wasn’t catchy enough to stick in your head for days, it’s only the teaser for a 6-part series set to debut on IFC in mid-January called Portlandia – set in Portland and kinda-sorta based on all of the things that we love about the city, all the while understanding that they’re pretty weird.

Again, there are no words to express how much I am looking forward to this.

(Don’t miss the “Portlandia Theme Song” by Carrie Brownstein on the IFC site, too.)