Food Cart Outing: D-Street Noshery


The husband & I often eat late on weekends, but when he suggested we go visit a food cart pod at 3pm yesterday that was late even by our standards. Still, it meant we wouldn’t need to eat dinner, so why not?

Here’s a little tour of our first visit to D-Street Noshery, on SE Division across from Pok Pok. (Yes, it was incredibly strange to be so close to perhaps my favorite restaurant in the entire city and not go inside. I think I heard Ike’s wings calling to me.)

First course – “The Pig Cone” from Awesome Cone. Spicy & sweet porky goodness in a waffle cone, topped by cool & crisp coleslaw. Delicious start.

Second course – a regular-sized helping of mac & cheese from Herb’s Mac & Cheese, with the additions of spinach & broccoli for a bit of veg. I nearly missed photographing this one. We were too busy shoveling it in our mouths – it was that good.

Third course – a pork belly arepa with some kind of red chili maple sauce (I’m still not 100% clear what was on this thing) from Fuego de Lotus. The sign said “Venezuelan-style street food.” My tummy said “this is delicious.”

Final course – a bourbon peach Pie Hole from The Pie Spot. (The husband got the brown butter pecan Pie Hole, which was an enormous – if tasty – mess.) We got our Pie Holes to go (keepin’ it classy, I am) since we were stuffed, & ended up eating them at halftime during last night’s televised Timbers match. They were scrumptious, & the perfect size.

In a funny twist to our outing, I’d just gotten done writing a blog post for a friend about Portland’s food carts & how they’re great for people who travel with dogs, & what did we find at D-Street Noshery? A resident pooch. We surmised that he belonged to one of the food cart vendors (we didn’t ask to verify this, however), because he seemed completely at ease. He lounged under table after table, giving everyone these very same eyes until he got a handout. It’s a wonder he’s not 100 pounds.

But I forget instantly about all the excellent grub we ate yesterday when I look at this photo. So unbelievably cute. The gal in the truck looks like she’s just waiting for him to make his pizza selection…

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