Portland Food Carts: They’re dog-friendly, too.


Last month my friend Mary-Alice who runs the blog Dog Jaunt asked me to write a post about Portland’s famous food carts, since that’s automatically dog-friendly dining right there. I was more than happy to oblige.

I don’t even think Mary-Alice knows this, but I’ve been using that very post as a resource ever since I wrote it, sending it to friends visiting Portland so they can pick which food cart pod they want to try, and referring to it myself when the husband & I wanted to expand our pod horizons.

I’m not going to re-publish the whole thing here – that would be silly – but I will tell you it’s easy to find (psst – click on the link below), & not just for people in Portland with dogs.

>> Portland, OR: The best food cart pods for diners with dogs

photo of the dog at the D-Street Noshery by me; please don’t use it without permission

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