Oregon isn’t where I was born, but it’s very much home – and should you get me started talking about how great Portland is, you may not be able to shut me up.

And that was true even before Portlandia. Actually, it was especially true before Portlandia.

Portland is the incredible city I’m fortunate enough to call home, and although I haven’t yet written much about it on this site, I’m guessing I will. And I’ll keep track of those Portland posts here. I wrote about some of my favorite places to eat in Portland a couple years ago, but it’s painfully out of date now.

So for now, if you’re planning a visit to Portland I highly recommend checking out the amazingly helpful Travel Portland website. And since this city is a food-lover’s paradise, some great Portland dining resources are Food Carts Portland, Portland Food & Drink, and Eater PDX.

photo by Eric Baetscher

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