Ready for 2010

The fact that it’s been awhile since I last posted something on this blog might look like confirmation of my earlier suspicions that I’m too busy to keep up with a personal blog anymore. But I’m not throwing in the towel just yet.

I’ve been busy since my last update, but I won’t try to fill in all the blanks. Instead, I’ll just say that I got back yesterday from a 5-day trip with my coworkers to Leavenworth, Washington, where we had our year-end meeting. It was a fantastic week – the setting was gorgeous and I think we all feel like it was one of the most successful year-end meetings we’ve ever had. We came up with some exciting new ideas, and spending the week with my colleagues only reinforced my opinion that the company is more like a family than a company.

Highlights of the week included:

  • Seeing a jagged snow-covered mountain watching over us every day
  • Reading the lodge’s guestbook, dating back to 1933 (a year after the lodge was built)
  • Revisiting the nearby pond each day to see the reflection of the mountain in the still water
  • Hearing about one person’s sighting of an owl in a tree near (what else?) the library
  • Finding a signed picture of Franklin D. Roosevelt in a back bedroom of the lodge
  • Photographing frost crystals on leaves and bare tree branches
  • Laughing ourselves silly every single night

When you’re getting lots of planning done, provided you’re doing it right, it’s exhausting work. Based on how mentally drained I felt yesterday afternoon, I’d say we did it right. It’s not just tiring, though – it’s exhilarating to think about what the company might look like at next year’s year-end meeting.

We’re all excited about what 2010 could be – and as if to prove that we fired up our computers for a few hours back at the office yesterday afternoon, no matter how tired we were, to start checking things off the to-do list we created this week. So, as challenging as 2009 was for us in some respects, I’m happy to note that we’re not looking back – we’re looking forward, forging ahead with new ideas, and ready to take on 2010.

3 comments on “Ready for 2010

  1. I was in Leavenworth many years ago when we were in Washington state for three weeks. Similar to Helen, GA, which is closer to me in Florida but which I’ve never gotten around to visiting.

    Congrats on moving to Italy! Spent three weeks there in ’88 – Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples / Amalfi coast. Beautiful country and gracious people.

    I prefer Spain because (a) I’m part Spanish and (b) I can speak the language decently enough. Considering retiring to Spain but it may be Costa Rica, which is very easy to enter as a retiree and the dollar will go much further than in Spain.

    Unfortunately, our Italy trip was before digital cameras and I never got around to scanning the photos. (That’s job #1 in retirement!) But if you;d like to see my Spain photos, my travel photo website is:

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