Happy About Nothing

I'm 45. I'm happy about nothing. And that's exactly what I want.

25th Feb
45 || creative commons photo by Seth Tisue

Forty-four. Fancy, that.

TweetEvery year for the past few I have written a blog post...

25th Feb
44 || creative commons photo by Jesus Solana

No Birthday Surprise Required

TweetA few years ago, I wrote some birthday resolutions just before I...

25th Feb
43 || creative commons photo by Andy Maguire

The Answer to Life, the Universe, & Everything

TweetOn my 42nd birthday, an announcement. Some of you already know this,...

25th Feb
by Kevin Dooley via Flickr

Dear Forty

TweetDear Forty: Let’s face it. You’re pretty widely thought of as an...

15th Feb
photo by elitatt

Birthday Resolutions

TweetIn less than a week, I’ll turn 40. I’m leaving for France...

19th Feb