Amuse-Bouches [Links I Love]: December 7 – January 1

Here’s the latest list of stuff I found interesting on the interwebz, December 7 through January 1:

  • L’Eroica: the world-famous retro bike ride on the white roads of Tuscany appeals to Oregon riders
    Why yes, that IS an article the husband wrote for the travel section of The Oregonian…
  • Was margherita pizza really named after Italy’s queen?
    After all these years of believing the tale that the iconic "Pizza Margherita" was named for the queen, I'm genuinely surprised to learn that the story – and the supposed thank you note from the queen's chamberlain – is most likely a fable. (Still, the pizza's good…)

    (via @Ars_Opulenta on Twitter)

  • Hadrian’s hall: archaeologists finish excavation of Roman arts centre
    When the archaeologist leading this dig calls it the "biggest find in Rome since the Forum was uncovered in the 1920s," that's incredibly intriguing.
  • Schoolhouse Rock at 40: Revisit a Collection of Nostalgia-Inducing Educational Videos
    40-somethings, if you can read that title and NOT have Schoolhouse Rock ditties running through your head instantly, then you might have been brain-dead as a child. It's absolutely worth clicking on that link so you can read all about the series (and replay some of the videos), but seriously – just hearing the name "Schoolhouse Rock" made it so I was humming "Conjunction Junction" for an hour.
  • Alchermes, the taste of the holidays
    December’s Italy Roundtable topic was DRINKING, which seemed a festive one for December. Gloria couldn't think of a better topic than the sweet liqueur "alchermes," used to flavor Italian holiday pastries. The color alone has me intrigued – I would love to taste it.
  • Bay Leaf Liqueur Recipe
    In this post, we learn a few things from Rebecca. First, that she makes several homemade liqueurs. This is knowledge I'm storing away for future use, and by "future" I mean "when I visit Rebecca." Second, she shares her recipe for bay leaf liqueur, which sounds incredibly easy – after you've found a place to procure fresh bay leaves. And finally, when you get to the part about needing a pile of freshly-picked bay leaves, she reminds parents why they had kids in the first place.
  • On not drinking in Italy
    When we chose this topic, Alexandra said she wasn't sure what she'd contribute because she doesn't drink alcohol. As it turns out, I learned the Italian word for "teetotaler" from her post, as well as the fact that abstaining is far more common in Italy than I would have thought.
  • Obama’s Social Media Strategist Talks to NMR About Being the Voice of the President
    We all know it's not the President or First Lady who's doing most of the actual tweeting or Instagramming, but it's still really interesting to hear about the woman (and her team) behind the White House social media accounts. What a helluva responsibility…

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