Amuse-Bouches [Links I Love]: May 9 – June 5

Here’s the latest list of stuff I found interesting on the interwebz, May 9 through June 5:

  • How to Get a World Cup Style Soccer Experience in the U.S.
    MapQuest has launched a series of "99 Summer Travel Quests" – one for each of summer's 99 days – and they asked me to write about going to a Timbers game as one of the quests. I was more than happy to oblige – my only consternation was about the word limit (I could have gone on and on about the fan atmosphere).
  • We’re Drinking Whiskey Faster Than Distillers Can Make More
    It is a very good thing that I both (a) live in a place where there are local distilleries making kick-ass whiskey I can get before it hits store shelves, and (b) also freaking adore gin.
  • The Prettiest Girl At The Party
    I really liked this profile of Jill Abramson, particularly this paragraph:

    "Your power does not come from luck. Your power comes from you, and what you invest in it every day, in the work and the sweat and the giving a damn. That is what you carry around with you, even as you walk out of your fancy top job for the last time. That is what you carry into the next thing, and there will be a next thing, because you are good and because that’s what you do. That is your capital."

  • Archaeologists’ findings may prove Rome a century older than thought
    Okay, so when you're talking about a city that just celebrated its 2767th birthday, saying that it might actually be 100 or so years older than previously thought may not seem like much to get excited about. But in Rome, it is.
  • Rome police pit Twitter against crazy parking
    Italians have a knack for parking in "creative" ways, in that they can see a cross walk in the middle of the street & decide it's the perfect place to park. Now Rome's police are fighting back – via Twitter. Incensed Romans can send a message to a specific Twitter account & the police will reply when they've dealt with the offending car. Pretty amazing, particularly for Italy.

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