Amuse-Bouches [Links I Love]: September 25 – September 30

Here’s the latest list of stuff I found interesting on the interwebz, September 25 through September 30:

  • Portland, OR: A Tale of Two Cities
    I recently went on a "Portlandia" tour of Portland, which turned out to be much more about the not-so-rosy history of the city than I had expected. It was extremely educational.

    And then, not long after I went on that tour, I listened to this episode of "State of the RE:Union" about Portland, which focuses on some of the same issues my tour guide talked about.

    Present-day Portland is still very much informed by the historic mistreatment of one race by another, & this podcast does a great job of explaining that. I highly recommend a listen if you're in Portland, love Portland, or just interested in race relations.

  • Emma Watson Delivers Game-Changing Speech on Feminism for the U.N.
    I'm not sure the "He for She" campaign is the only one needed to push for gender equality, but as long as we assume that one method won't work for everyone – that many messages leading to the same conclusion are required – then I am quite happy to have "He for She" out there reminding people that feminism does not mean "man-hating."

    Emma Watson's speech is excellent (set aside 13 minutes & watch the whole thing), & her use of this Edmund Burke quote is a great reminder to all of us, on this topic & many others:

    "All that is needed for the forces of evil to triumph is for enough good men and women to do nothing."

  • Lessons from my School of Rock
    Pam’s band is on something of a hiatus at the moment, which gave her a chance to look back at the past few years’ worth of lessons learned from being part of a band. They’re all good lessons, not strictly limited to music, but this is the one that I loved best:

    "It was heartbreaking how many people — mostly women, some with a better background in music than I have — told me they’d put away their drum kit, electric guitar, bass, whatever, because they were too old to play rock and roll. I couldn’t decide if there was some indictment in there about how grown humans are supposed to act or if these folks were just defeated. I joined the band shortly before my 47th birthday. Made other choices? Okay. Hands don’t work like they used to? No kidding. Woefully out of practice? Yeah, I know. But too old? Fuck that."

  • Super Slow Motion Close-Up of a Tattoo Being Applied
    Great explanation of how tattoo machines work, plus some super-slo-mo video of a tattoo being applied. I don't even watch my OWN tattoos being done, so it doesn't surprise me that I kind of winced during this video, too.
  • Vulvatron Is GWAR’s New Vocalist
    I am no fan of GWAR, but I can't help but get excited that they've added their first female front-person to the lineup.

    "Why is it so important that one of the biggest bands in metal has just added a female member to its ranks to replace one of metal’s biggest personalities? How could it not be?"

    Women in metal usually fit into a short list of stereotypes, & almost none of them have anything to do with musical ability. I had very few female role models when I started listening to metal. That didn't stop me from wanting to be a singer (as opposed to just a groupie), but I imagine it would have been fantastic to have more women to look up to where they weren’t required to fit into certain roles (not to mention skimpy clothing). So, no, I probably won't start listening to GWAR even now, but – all hail Vulvatron? You bet.

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