Estate Sale in L.A. – a Photo Tour

My recent visit to Los Angeles was primarily to see my friend Melanie, and I probably would have been content to hang out in her living room drinking wine and talking for three days – so ticking off must-see sights wasn’t even on my agenda. Thankfully, Melanie and her husband are excellent hosts and showed the husband and I an unexpectedly great side of LA.

One of the most surreal parts of the trip came when we were indulging Melanie’s husband’s penchant for going to open houses on the weekends. They’re not planning to move, but he loves walking through houses that are for sale (Melanie tolerates this). When we passed not just an open house but an “estate sale” as we drove around one morning, we decided we needed to see what lay inside.

As it turned out, I felt like I was scouting locations for a horror movie.

This is overlooking the front entrance from the staircase, which had an absurdly short handrail. Perfect for pushing someone over the edge. Y’know, by accident.

Why someone within a few minutes’ drive of the Hollywood sign needs a moss-eaten Hollywood sign overlooking their pool is beyond me, but it works beautifully as a creeped-out movie location.

In case you needed a spare garbage can lid or reindeer cut-out, I don’t believe these things had been claimed when we visited.

Perhaps one of the oddest collections (in a house chock full of oddness) was this shelf in the garden shed of metal models of the Statue of Liberty – all of which had one arm missing. Does this person hate freedom that much?

Because the shelf-full above wasn’t enough we found a few more arm-less Lady Liberty models on a table in the garden next to a bowl of metal leaves (because LA doesn’t have seasons, and therefore needs fake fallen leaves, or something).

And this photo tour doesn’t even include the ornate black chandelier that hung in a tiny bathroom off one of the upstairs bedrooms, or the room full of fabric bolts and dresses that were almost all shredded from the waist down, as if by some wild beast.

We didn’t stay long, and I’ll never know who lived there, but I’m going with a freedom-hating werewolf.

At any rate, I’d say that no matter what your itinerary in Los Angeles entails, should you see a sign that says “estate sale” anywhere in the area you should swing through. You never know what you’ll find.

photos by Jessica Spiegel & may not be used without permission

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