Exactly One Life

I know I just posted a quote that made me sit up and take notice, but I’ve got another one to share. I can’t even explain why this one jumped out at me so much, since when you read it you’re thinking, “Well, duh.” But somehow? Somehow it’s a concept that most of us forget (or ignore) too easily.

There are a few more quotes on this page of Colin Wright’s site that I liked, but this was the quote that, when I saw it on Pinterest, led me to hunt down the author in the first place.

So. What are you doing today with your one life?

2 comments on “Exactly One Life

  1. Ah, yes, the million dollar question. One of a few that drives the “mindful living” lifestyle Caanan and I have chosen.

    Thanks for asking the tough questions. They’re the ones that change us.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Kent! It seems like such an obvious point, but this one has been so easy for me to forget (or, perhaps more accurately, ignore) in recent years. I feel like I’m reclaiming my ability to acknowledge this question, and proactively work on answering it instead of just letting my non-answer get me down.

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