Happy 9th Blogiversary, Andiamo

creative commons photo by Gareth Simpson
creative commons photo by Gareth Simpson
creative commons photo by Gareth Simpson

It was nine years ago today that I started my first blog. It was in anticipation of a trip to Asia (that never happened), and I have clear memories of not knowing what in the hell to write about nor why anyone else would care.

It’s been a funny path I’ve been on since then – one that has included copywriting for various online outlets, transitioning from on-the-ground community management to online community management to social media, building a community from scratch to several thousand readers, expanding my own definition of platforms on which I shared my writing, buying several domains, and building websites for myself and others. Sometimes I still wonder what in the hell to write about, and question whether anyone really cares – but most of the time I try to think about the blogger equivalent of that old saying, “Dance like no one is watching.” I often write like no one is reading. Because, at least in the beginning, no one is.

At the beginning of 2005, I couldn’t imagine my life with a blog in it. Nine years later, I can’t imagine life without this blog – or any of the other websites I maintain. It was some gentle prodding from a friend that got me to set up that first Blogspot blog, and I remain thankful for it.

Happy 9th Blogiversary, Andiamo.

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      1. No, really! One take away? Something someone told you that always sticks with you? I love hearing what makes people stick to (mostly) unconventional lifestyles.

        1. Well, I didn’t initially think that working at home would be a good fit for me, but now I can’t imagine going back to an office 9-5 job. So the flexible “it doesn’t matter where you are physically, so long as you’re online” lifestyle turns out to be a VERY good fit for me. My personal blogs have always been largely ignored, since the bulk of my work has been writing/blogging for employers/clients, but I’m okay with that. I have a day job that I genuinely like, it gives me time to pursue personal things that will never make money but that I also genuinely enjoy, and every so often when I want to write something that is completely ill-suited to a client site I have an outlet here. It’s not such an unconventional lifestyle, really, except that I work from home.

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