Introducing the Eye On Italy Podcast

I often say that I love talking about Italy when I’m writing on the Italy travel guide – but in reality, I’m writing about Italy there. I do love talking about the country, however, whenever I get a chance to. Which is why I’m so excited about a new project a couple of friends and I started last week – it’s an all-Italy podcast.

Sara Rosso of Ms. Adventures in Italy, Michelle Fabio of Bleeding Espresso, and I recorded our first episode of Eye On Italy last Monday, and although we know we’ve got some room for improvement we’re also pleased with the results of that first effort. At a selfish level, it’s a fun opportunity for the three of us to chat in real-time once a week – but having the podcast will also be a forum for us to discuss all kinds of Italy-related topics.

In the first episode, we talked about the volcano in Iceland and how it had disrupted travel in Italy and elsewhere in Europe, about the iPhone app for the Uffizi gallery in Florence (as well as several Lonely Planet apps that were free for a limited time to help travelers stuck in Europe because of the volcano, and about visiting Turin to see the city’s famous Shroud. Our plan is to talk about news items, current events, Italian culture, and Italy travel tips each week, and also to have special guests on when we can to talk about whatever their area of expertise (Italy-related, of course) might be.

The Eye On Italy podcast is available on iTunes, so if you’re at all interested in Italy I encourage you to subscribe – and by all means tell us if there’s a topic or a story you’d like us to talk about. See an Italy news item you want commentary on? Send it to us. Have an Italy travel question you think we can answer? Let us know. You can leave a comment on the Eye On Italy site, send an email (click on the “Contact” link at the top of the site for information), or send a note to the Eye On Italy Twitter account.

We all look forward to recording more episodes, and we hope you enjoy this all-Italy podcast!

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