It’s spring. The birds say so.

Earlier this week I was startled by the sound of loud popping noises that sounded like they were coming from just outside my window. When I walked toward the sound of the noise, they began again – and it was clear that rather than something sinister, the popping was caused by a confused woodpecker of some kind trying to break into my house via the skylight.

He failed, thankfully. But obviously, if the glorious weather we’re having right now wasn’t enough of a sign, the woodpecker reminded me – spring is here.

This morning, just as I sat down at my desk, I heard a thud on the office window next to me. I turned to see a dazed bird flying away, and got up to see if it had actually made it or was lying on the pavement. There was no wounded bird in sight, but that’s when I noticed a robin in the tree outside the window, busily building her nest.


These photos are bad – they’re taken with my phone, and there’s a pesky tree branch blocking most of the nest from my vantage point – but I’ve been watching her for the last half-hour, and she’s definitely nesting.

On the left is what I can see from my office window. On the right is as zoomed in as my phone will go, with the red arrow pointing to the robin’s tail as she was – I’m guessing here – fluffing pillows or something.

Ordinarily, my favorite part of having this tree outside my window is when it’s bursting with color. But this year, I’m really hoping the leaves stay away for awhile yet. I want to see some baby birds.

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