Let Me Clarify

Apparently when I make demands to the universe, I need to be more specific. The day after I wrote that I was tired of the whole being-on-the-verge-of-a-cold thing, I got the cold.

Of course.

I’m trying to stay positive, hoping I’ll be mostly recovered by the time I have to leave for Las Vegas a week from today, but it’s such a pain to feel winded after walking down the effing hall. Amazing how much of one’s energy it takes to fight a cold, and how little is left over for, well, everything else.

On a related note, I’ve come up with a new favorite beverage for when I’m sick – whiskey tea. It’s a spoonful or so of honey and a splosh of Jack Daniels mixed into a cup of boiling water. It’s a nighttime drink, as you might imagine, but it has the double benefit of soothing my throat and making me sleepy. Plus, it’s kinda tasty. And I’m no whiskey connoisseur, so I don’t particularly care that I’m mixing whiskey with boiling water and honey. Also, I didn’t buy the JD – my uncle left it once when he stayed the night with us.

So, although I don’t imagine I’ll be brewing this concoction up much after I’m feeling better (especially since I’m convinced I only ever consume honey as a tea sweetener when I’m sick), it’s been a nice cuppa to look forward to in the evenings.

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