October’s Glowing Trees

My habitual morning walks have gotten considerably slower in the last ten days. I’m in better shape and should be faster, but I’m too busy stopping every other block to take photos of all the trees that are on fire around me.

I love autumn. It is my season. Orange is my favorite color, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and I’m only just starting to get tired of the LET’S PUT PUMPKIN IN EVERYTHING craze. This is my time of year, and the trees are better than I’ve seen them in ages.

To be fair, September in Portland was bad. Wet and gray, like a shot of November with warmer weather. So I didn’t have high hopes for October. But October, ladies and gentlemen, has given us what September is usually known for – only with even more fall color.

The bad news is that pretty much all these gorgeous leaves will fall off the trees at the first rain. (Which may not be far off. Today’s walk required a hat to keep mist off my glasses.)

At any rate, I give you – with no filters or color enhancements – a selection of photos taken on my iPhone over the last couple of weeks. (Yes, most mornings have been all white skies and bad lighting lately, but the trees? The trees still glow.)

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