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Back when I was complaining about having to go to the dreaded Las Vegas for a conference, a travel friend who’s big on roadside attractions told me that I would like Vegas if I went to the Neon Museum. I’d never heard of the place, but I looked it up, recruited a fellow traveler to go with me, and booked two slots on a tour.

I still don’t particularly like Vegas, but I do love that the city is about more than The Strip. And the next time I have to go down there (because I will inevitably have to go down there again at some point), I’m going to try more of my friend’s suggestions for the offbeat sights of Las Vegas. Who knows, I may end up liking Sin City after all.


I have finally spent a nanosecond to go through my photos from the Neon Museum tour, and thought I’d play with Picnik’s slideshow feature to show them off. But the code doesn’t want to work in this post. (I tried a Flickr slideshow too, and that code didn’t want to work either. All this reminds me how effing thankful I am to have a tech team at work.)


Anyhoo, you can see the slideshow for my Neon Museum pictures over at Flickr, or just look through the set of photos themselves if you don’t want to let Flickr tell you when you’re ready to see the next shot.


Oh, and if you’re wondering what the deal is with the Neon Museum, I’ll defer to the museum’s website for background and for my friend Pam’s post on the tour. Neither of us managed to get much of what the tour guide was saying (we were too busy being giddy over all the things we wanted to photograph), but I think Pam still managed to capture some of the more interesting tidbits our excellent tour guide mentioned during the one-hour spin through the boneyard.

all photos are by Jessica Spiegel & may not be used without permission – they were originally photographed with permission at the Neon Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada

2 comments on “Photos from the Neon Museum

  1. It is awesome. You’d love it. Of course, their rules are so weirdly restrictive that if you wanted to use the photos in any way that wasn’t entirely personal you’d have to pay for a more expensive photoshoot tour – I can’t remember how much it was, but it was substantially more than the $15 I paid to walk around with a group.

  2. I noticed these the other day and am so jealous that you’ve been there. I’ve wanted to go for SO long. I’m hoping to work it out for December, but I don’t know if finances will allow me to do it. Such an awesome place!

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