Portland Timbers in Alaska Airlines TV Ads

When two of my passions intersect, I’m a happy girl. In this case, it’s soccer and travel – more specifically, the Portland Timbers and their sponsor, Alaska Airlines. They’ve teamed up in a new series of TV ads they’re calling the “Alaska Airlines/Portland Timbers Employee Exchange Program.”

The first ad features Timbers coach John Spencer doing the pre-flight spiel as only a surly Scotsman can. An extra bonus is the pilot’s reaction at the end of the ad when he realizes what being on the pitch during a match entails.

The second ad features Timbers “mascot” Timber Joey making a passenger’s bag carry-on sized. For those who don’t know, Timber Joey walks around the stadium on game days with his chainsaw, and for each Timber goal scored he cuts off a slab from the “victory log.” You’ll see at the end of the ad that the Alaska Air flight attendant is having a little more trouble fulfilling her end of the employee exchange.

I love my team.


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