Sixteen Years Ago Today

Sixteen years ago today,

  • I spent the day in a barn outside McMinnville rehearsing with my band.
  • I raced home, hurriedly showed, and frantically tried to not look frantic.
  • I got picked up outside my apartment, right on schedule, and was driven to a mystery location.
  • I was nervous when the mystery location turned out to be a sushi restaurant.
  • I had never eaten sushi.
  • I ordered teriyaki.
  • I tried every piece of sushi that arrived on his plate anyway.
  • I didn’t hate it.
  • I talked about family, and my desire to not have children, which I realized was an odd topic for a first date.
  • I was pleasantly surprised to hear he felt the same way.
  • I couldn’t hide my squeamishness when he ordered deep-fried shrimp heads, or when they arrived with several-inches-long antennae.
  • I turned to see him put a deep-friend shrimp head in his mouth, shrimp face pointing out, then watched as he moved it around with his tongue, saying (in a Mr. Bill voice), “Oh no! Don’t eat me!
  • I laughed.
  • (I was asked later why he got a second date.)
  • I went with him to a coffee shop on Hawthorne after sushi.
  • I raised an eyebrow when he gave his name to the barista as “Fidel.”
  • I was told his name is common enough, that it made sense to have a “coffee name.”
  • I agreed, that did make sense.
  • I was given a “coffee name,” but it didn’t stick.
  • I sat outside with him.
  • I jumped when a car honked its horn.
  • I was tired.
  • I got dropped off outside my apartment and fell into bed.
  • I don’t remember when we spoke next, but he did get a second date.

Happy first date anniversary to a man who still surprises me.

photo by Jessica Spiegel and may not be used without permission

11 comments on “Sixteen Years Ago Today

  1. Aw, love this! I’m not even sure I know the day of my first date anniversary. Oops. I’ll have to ask the hubby, he’s better at remembering those things than me. ๐Ÿ˜‰ What a sweet gift to document those memories on your blog!

    1. We talked about details from that first date many times over the years, which helped solidify the night in my memory. What’s funny is we both remember what HE wore that night – but me? Neither of us can remember that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. So sweet. I love these memories. I am also pleased to see there are at least 2 other women in this world who do not want kids, and are not afraid to say it on a blog.

    1. My most-commented-on post on this blog is the one where I talked about not wanting kids. I honestly still don’t understand why it’s such a big deal to say that, at least in the US. In some countries/cultures, I know it’s still a shock to hear that, but it’s not here.

  3. This makes me smile so much, especially as I know both of you now and can imagine some of these scenes. Am starting to think I need a coffee name…

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