Staring at the Ocean, Here We Come

The husband and I are about to leave for a 3-day weekend to a cozy hotel on the Oregon coast, where we’re planning to watch movies, read books, sleep in, take naps, eat yummy seafood, and do lots of staring at the ocean. If I get a massage at some point, I won’t be disappointed by that, either.

It’s a much-needed break for both of us that’s long overdue, and we’re looking forward to it. We have busy schedules ahead, him with lots of quick business trips and me with a big new travel writing program launching on Monday at work, so hopefully this few days of R&R will set us up for awhile.

And although I’m not bringing a computer or anything else with which I could connect to the interwebs, I will be bringing my big camera – and even my tripod this time, since it’s a road trip – so I’m hoping to get some good ocean pictures.

I have to admit, however, that if I’m feeling sufficiently lazy (which is sort of a goal this weekend, if I’m being honest) then the photos may all be taken from the exact same spot – the hotel room balcony.

2 comments on “Staring at the Ocean, Here We Come

  1. We don’t get to the coast as often as we should, living in Portland, but it was a nice reminder of how much beauty is that close by.

  2. Enjoy! We drove the Oregon Coast from Astoria all the way down into California.
    It’s all beautiful. if you’re near Tillanook, check out the cheese cooperative!

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