Travel in One Word

I wasn’t sure what one word I could possibly choose for today’s 30 Days of Indie Travel Project prompt (“one word”). I contemplated “possibility,” since I think that’s a universal allure of travel, but when I saw Brooke’s post about how it must be an important word if you’re going to get it in ink, I realized it was idiotic of me to think of anything except the word I have tattooed on my forearm.

The word on the edge of the scroll is “andiamo,” which – if you’re astute, you’ll have realized – is also the name of this blog. This is, yes, further proof of both the fact that there’s no other word I could choose and that I’m utterly dense.

At any rate, “andiamo” is the Italian word for “let’s go,” and it tells me to get out there in a literal sense, but it’s also a little bit of metaphorical encouragement when I need it. The word is facing me, which means it’s upside-down to people who are facing me, but the tattoo is for me – as is the inspiration that comes with it.

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