What would Cindy think?

Email has become one of those things about which I complain, since my inbox is so often flooded with advertising pitches. Every so often, however, I get an email that reminds me it is, after all, just another delivery method for actual heart-felt messages – like the ones we used to scribble onto paper and send in stamped envelopes. I got one of those emails last week, and thankfully the sender has given me permission to share it with you.

Cindy found me on this site, and emailed me with an Italy question after reading my old Italy guide for (she says) “one full week.” Before she got to her question, though, she wrote this paragraph.

So I first have to say how much I LOVE your writing style. I honestly feel like I could go for coffee with you, have a good ol’ laugh, leave, and feel like I made a life-long friend. So kudos on your interesting, informative and engaging material. 2. Thank you for being so passionate and approachable. I have totally been captivated by your enthusiasm for travel and I SO look forward to my first ever trip to Italy. Your tips & suggestions have been ridiculously informative and I feel so prepared. And 3. Thanks for making me laugh. Out loud. By myself. Like a geek. You. are. funny.

I wrote recently about how supported I’ve felt by my travel blogging community. I never thought the same would be true of the people out there who read my words, but there you go – Cindy set me straight in that regard with one simple email.

Cindy, you might have just become the reader I think about when I write. I’ll pause mid-sentence and think, “What would Cindy think?” I hope you don’t mind.

photo by jasminejennyjen

2 comments on “What would Cindy think?

  1. Hey Jessica,

    I don’t often have time to comment but this post made me click, read, think and then comment. So kudos to you and Cindy! In marketing, one of the first things I ask people to do is figure out to whom they are writing. It’s incredibly valuable to have a muse, target market, buyer persona, user profile…etc. How lucky that yours came out and identified herself to you! Also, I agree and love the site redesign!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Maren! I’ve gotten some fabulous reader emails over the years; this one was especially wonderful given the timing, and that she wanted to contact me badly enough that she tracked me down. That’s dedication. ๐Ÿ™‚

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