Where should we go for a 3-day weekend?

It’s been a particularly intense time for both me and the husband at work (for, like, the past year), and we’re coming up on a time when we can finally take a little break. It’s not going to be much, but the idea of a three-day weekend that isn’t work-related for either of us sounds like a little piece of heaven right about now.

The thing is, we’re not sure where to go. Our criteria, such as we’ve had a chance to think it through so far, is this:

  • We’d like the destination to be within a 4-hour flight from PDX (or a 3-4 hour drive from Portland).

That’s it. I mean, we’ve talked about some ideas – like Napa Valley or Big Sur or Victoria BC – but we haven’t really nailed anything down. Since we’re looking at a trip in early March, I’m not enthusiastic about any place that’ll still be cold by then. I don’t need tropical heat, but something that isn’t cold and dreary would be nice. Wherever it is, getting free wifi will be the last thing on my wish list. In fact, if there was no wifi at all, that would be even better…

So what I’m looking for are suggestions. Where should we think about going? We want to relax, we want to eat out, and it would be lovely if we were in a place that was pretty enough that I could have fun with my big camera. But we’re really not feeling terribly picky at the moment.

Give me some ideas. Where should we spend our 3-day weekend that’s within a 4-hour flight from Portland?

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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions, folks. We ended up going to our back-up plan of the Oregon coast – not as warm as southern CA would have been, for sure, but after looking at the finances again (always happens when we pull our taxes together, dammit!) we decided that it would be a good idea to avoid paying for airline tickets and a rental car, etc… Will file these suggestions away for another trip. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Seconding MJs Palm Springs vote. We have it on our winter short list. Rent a car, drive out to Joshua Tree, eat California Mexican food (none of the lame PNW Mexican food) be warm AND DRY…

    Yeah, we’re going with you. Consider that in your planning.

  3. Here are a few suggestions for destinations that I think are enjoyable this time of year:

    Palm Springs
    Santa Barbara
    Napa or Sonoma

    Those places all offer a variety of accommodations, diverse choices for food, and you can chill out and relax or schedule lots of activity level. And, I have lots of suggestions for each of those locations, so let me know what you decide.

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